Tom Gilman 1980
 Tom was the first great bench presser in Aztec football history.  He benched 380 at a bodyweight of 220. He was an All Orange League Guard on the football field.
                             Adam Lowitz  1981
 Adam was a 3 year starter including starting as a sophomore on the 1979 C.I.F. Champion team. He was All Orange County Def. Tackle. He was also the first lifter to deadlift 500 pounds.
                     Derrick Gatchett  1984

   Derrick was an All County  fullback ( he still holds the record for longest run from scrimmage ) and defensive end for the '84 team that reached the C.I.F. Finals.  He played college football at U.S.C.
                    Bob Entrican 1985

   Bob was a National  Teenage Champion Powerlifter in the 275 lb. class in 1985. He was an
All Empire League guard and also the first Aztec shot putter to place in the C.I.F. Finals.

                        Matt Werner  1988
 Matt was the first Aztec lifter to deadlift 600 pounds. He was an All Empire League Defensive Tackle. He also played at U.C.L.A. and for the Seattle Seahawks in the N.F.L.
                          Sean Donohue  1988

    Sean was an All Orange County Noseguard. He has the 2nd highest Powerlifting Total of any Aztec lifter.
                          Mark Kinney  1989

   Mark was All Empire League Defensive End. He also placed 3rd in the state in the shot put in 1990.  He had a 1420 total with a 550 deadlift and 530 squat.
                         Jeff Duensing 1989

   Jeff was an All County Guard. he was also the first and only lifter to squat 600 pounds ( with a squat suit ) and deadlift 600 pounds. He is co-owner of Quick's Automotive in Orange.
                             Chad Harden  1995

    Chad was an All Sunset League Guard. He was also a National Junior Olympic Weightlifting Champion in 1997. He snatched 275 pounds at a body weight of 206.
                                Sean Jarne  1995

    Sean was an All American Def. Tackle and the 1995 Junior National Olympic Weightlifting Champion in the Heavyweight Class. He also reached the state finals in the discus. He played college football at the University of Colorado.
    In the first 27 years of Aztec weightlifting, no lifter benchpressed 400 pounds. In 2000 three lifters did for a team that finished 11 - 2 and was ranked 7th in the state. All 3 lifters were also 4.0 + students.
                                                    Left to Right
      Temi Sonuyi was an All CIF Tailback. He is a graduate of M.I.T.
       Rick Fry was an All Sunset League Nosetackle. He is the best combined powerlifter ( 400 bench ) and Olympic lifter (  242 Snatch) in Aztec history. He graduated from the  Air Force Academy in 2005
Travis Jones was an All Sunset League Linebacker. He attended New Mexico State University. He also holds the school record in the javelin.
                                        Brenden Stai  1989

    Brendan was an All Empire League Guard. He benchpressed 370 pounds in high school and over 500 pounds in college. He was an All American Guard at the University of Nebraska. He played for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl and the Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins in the N.F.L. 
                                  Travis Kirschke  1992

    Travis was the State Football Player of the Year in 1992. He started at Defensive Tackle and Guard playing for C.I.F. Champion teams in 1990 and 1992. He bench pressed 350 pounds and deadlifted 535. He played college football at UCLA and began with the Detroit Lions before playing for the San Francisco 49ers and winning a Super Bowl ring with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He played 13 years in the NFL.
                             Matt Gray 2003

    Matt was one of the best all around big men in Aztec history. Outstanding lifter, football player and 200' thrower in the discus finishing 3rd in the state. Matt benched 410 lbs. snatched 240 lbs. and Clean & jerked 330 lbs. Matt will plat next season at Portland State.
                         Jon Markovich    2003

    Jon is the All time Bench press record holder. He benched 420 lbs and squatted 545 which ranks in the top 5 all time. He was an outstanding football player and shot putter also. He played football at the Un. of Arizona.
                   AZTEC FOOTBALL                                      WEIGHTLIFTING
                        HALL OF FAME
     Brady Lukas was a team captain and All County linebacker on back to back Sunset League champion teams in 2006 and 2007. He benched 415 in 2008. 
   " THE SWOLL PATROL " were Corey Hobbs, Mike Rocha, and Geoff Hyde. They were all All League offensive linemen on the 2008 Sunset League Champion team. 
Todd McDonald ( Center ) Dustin Derieg ( Fullback ) and Brad Knutsen ( tackle ) played on the 2008 Sunset League champions and the 2009 team. Todd also recorded a 430 front squat.
Mason Miller was a linebacker and is the shot put record holder at UCI.  Kevin Van Beek played def. and offensive line.
Brian was an ALL LEAGUE center. Tom was an ALL LEAGUE linebacker and Carl was an ALL CIF Guard.

                        Travis McCullough    1992
    Travis was an All League linebacker on the 1992 CIF Champion Aztec team. He also finished 5th in the state in the shot put. He was among the first great olympic lifting lifters. He snatched 102.5 kilos 
( 225) and cleaned 130 kg. ( 286 ) .The Aztecs had always worked cleans. Snatch was added in the early 90s. 
Will was the team MVP as a DT/OT and placed 3rd in the state in the shot put. Garrett played linebacker and went on to play at West Point ( United States Military Academy ). Cory was a linebacker. All 3 were All League.
Andrew Dorzok was a TE and the lightest player ( 180) to clean 300 pounds.  Adrian Montano played guard and is the All time best bencher in school history ( 440)
and the second best full squatter (533).
Anthony Koclanakis was an All League Linebacker. Clint Meyer was an All League Noseman, and Jordan Ammann was an All League Defensive End and also a Tackle.